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"Ryan's a true example of a Warrior Dad.  With courage and determination he's showing us how to tackle this journey."

Jenny McCarthy, President of Generation Rescue


"Ryan's recent participation in the Autism Education Summit, single handedly brought the house to tears.  His real and inspiring journey resonated with the audience as only a true orator does.  Ryan left a lasting impression on how to care for your child and be a forever parent."

Candace McDonald, Executive Director of Generation Rescue

"We are thankful Ryan took the time to speak about life lessons on and off the field. Ryan is a motivating speaker with an awesome story to share about hard work and perseverence."

Jess Barreda, Coach - Santa Teresa High School

"As a parent to a child with autism, Ryan understands the additional challenges of raising a child with special needs and the resources community providers like ATC need to help meet the demand for services. The Autism Treatment Center provides life-long services to children and adults with autism and relies on wonderful community partners like Ryan to advocate on behalf of the Center.


Ryan and his wife Dawn's enthusiasm and passion brought a tremendous amount of fresh energy to the Bobby Norris Roundup for Autism's Pegasus Ball, which they chaired in 2012 and emceed in 2014. Their promotion and exposure of the event made for a successful evening to benefit the Autism Treatment Centers of Texas.


We are grateful for Ryan and Dawn's friendship as we continue to strive to serve families touched by autism."

Neil Massey, Development Director of Dallas - Autism Treatment Center

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